How To Overcome Time Management For Physique Transformation!


Let’s face it, life gets busy and there are endless commitments which we need to prioritise in our lives. One of the biggest challenges and obstacles is how to overcome time management for an effective physique transformation.

First of all, if you want to conquer time management for transforming your physique in a sustainable way, you need to first analyse and balance all areas of your life. These are key areas which you need to find balance:

  • Relationships
  • Emotional
  • Fitness / Health (AKA Physique Transformation)
  • Finances
  • Personal Growth
  • Business / Career
  • Family
  • leisure

Before we dive into the key areas of how to overcome time management with transforming your physique, you need to understand that all areas of your life need a balance. If you place too much focus on one area, for instance business / career, you may be sacrificing other areas like relationships or your fitness & health.

So it’s important to understand that the more overall balance, you have in your life – the easier it’s going to be to ultimately transform your physique with sustainability.

Learn To Put Yourself First

Although other areas are important to prioritise, you need to find time for yourself. Without prioritising your health & fitness and putting a focus on yourself, you may one day not be healthy enough to even enjoy other areas of your life.

I’ve had many clients who work long hours and have quite stressful jobs, but at some point you need to sit down and assess things, should your job be a priority over your health?

What would happen if you developed a sickness directly related to the stress from your career? Would you be able to continue working at the same capacity? These are important questions to ask yourself and identify if you need to have more balance outside your career.

At the end of the day, you are your most valuable asset, and learning to put yourself first will help you balance work / career commitments.

Preparation & Meal Prep Is Key!

Something I recommend for all my clients is to allocate at least 1 hour on a Sunday to prepare meals for the week ahead. This doesn’t have to be all your meals, but any meals for instance lunch at work which is harder to prepare during the week.

Something really easy to start implementing and setting up an effective diet plan, is to cook extra with your dinners and use a container for storing the remaining with lunch the next day. Some people find it easier to prepare all meals for the week except breakfast. It will really depend on your own personal preferences.

A meal prep example would be:

  • Sunday – Meal Prep Day (1 hour)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – Refrigerate Meals
  • Thursday & Friday – Freeze Meals and thaw night before

The great thing about meal prep is it allows you to prepare your entire week ahead, when your weekly meals are all ready, you have less chance of straying from your diet plan.

Utilise Your Time In The Gym

If you work long hours it’s sometimes hard to find time to even get into the gym! I recommend find an effective training program which gives you enough time to reach your goals and have balance with your lifestyle.

Finding a gym in your local area or even close to your workplace will make it easier for you to fit your training program in each week. Some effective ways to utilise your time in the gym are:

  • Perform super-sets which join certain exercises together, this way you can for example perform chest & back in the same workout
  • Perform HIIT instead of cardio, a HIIT session is a great way to utilize time & can be setup for just 10-15 minutes each session
  • Don’t go overboard with volume, you don’t need to be in the gym for 60-90 minutes, allocating 30 minutes should be sufficient to stimulate growth & development, recovery time should always be prioritised

Another option is to setup a home training space, if you have room in your house or apartment you can buy some equipment like dumbbells or kettlebells, and if you love the outdoor than a park or the back yard is a great alternative!

Optimise Your Hormones & Recovery 

Finding sufficient time for recovery is just as important as having time allocated for your workouts. women can take advantage of different phases of the menstrual cycle to optimize performance and aid recovery.

If you’re able to take time for recovery with your training, you will find the other areas for balancing which we discussed, will be much easier to manage also.

By implementing key recovery techniques you can ensure you are reaching optimal health levels while achieving amazing body composition results. Here some important key recovery tips:

  • Ensure you are getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Identify and remove any un-needed stress in your life
  • Take time out to relax and focus on yourself
  • Ensure you’re taking all recommended supplements
  • Ensure you’re drinking recommended water intake
  • Eat one of your main meals 30-60 minutes post workout
  • Take time for a massage at least once per fortnight
  • Learn and implement meditation techniques once per week
  • Ensure proper stretching, cool down & warm up
  • Eliminate smoking & minimise alcohol

Final Wrap Up

If you are finding that life is getting hectic, and it’s not easy balancing your workload, than I highly recommend looking at all areas of your life and finding an overall balance as I mentioned above.

Once you have analysed and balance the key areas of your life, you can then look at creating an effective physique transformation plan to suit your goals.

Getting started with a physique transformation plan can be tricky, if you are looking for a plan which gives you all the tools and knowledge required for a sustainable physique transformation, definitely check out the 90 Day Fitness Model Challenge & take advantage of the current 80% discount (limited time).

Leave a comment, let me know how you are going managing your priorities and working out how to overcome time management for your own physique transformation!