3 Training Mistakes Women Are Making


Training mistakes are so common yet overlooked, women can have incredible body composition changes when applying themselves to a consistent and effective training program. But are the most important aspects with training being prioritised correctly? If you knew the areas which required the most focus, would you place them as a higher priority?

In this post I want to discuss which areas you might not be prioritising correctly to maximise your results in the gym and effective training principles. 

Too Much Cardio & Not Enough Resistance Training

I see training mistakes all the time in the gym, the exact same women every day on the treadmill for up to 1-2 hours… Now don’t get me wrong i’ve helped women in the past who were actually preparing for marathons or an endurance type event, obviously building up your endurance and cardiovascular capacity is required for certain goals and events.

However, if you are wanting to achieve a toned look with all those curves you see flaunting around Instagram, you will need to be prioritising metabolic resistance based training. You can download my free guide here which outlines the exact exercises you need to be incorporating into your weekly training sessions.

You can see also results from metabolic resistance training here, but what you need to understand is resistance training builds muscle (no not the big bulky muscle you see on men), muscle on women with lowering your body fat, equals toning and curves. When you build muscle and training with resistance you increase your metabolism for up to 24 hours after training, meaning you get to eat more, especially carbohydrates to re-fill lost glycogen from your muscles – and come on… who doesn’t like the idea of eating more?

Not Incorporating Strength Phases With Hypertrophy Phases

It’s important to be focusing on metabolic resistance based training as stated above, however it’s also important to incorporate phases between hypertrophy & strength training. I recommend the following splits to ensure you are developing your CNS (central nervous system) with strength repetitions / sets and developing muscle through hypertrophy:

  • Hypertrophy (4-8 weeks, 8-12 reps, 3 sets, 60 seconds rest)
  • Strength (4-8 weeks, 3-5 reps, 3-5 sets, 2 minutes rest)

In this way you get the best out of both worlds, you are developing strength through your nervous system in one phase, while this helps with building muscle utilising the strength gains in the hypertrophy phase. The same strength & hypertrophy phased training can be found in the following program.

Not Adding More Volume Into Weaker Areas

Depending on genetics you might find that your arms are developing better than your legs, or you find your glutes are lagging behind your quadriceps. You really need to be adding more volume into the areas you can identify as a weaker area, so how do you identify weak areas?

  • Have you found strength isn’t going up as quick in certain exercises?
  • Looking in the mirror you may see more developed areas than others
  • Have you had problems with injuries in a certain area of your body in the past?

Once you identify a lagging area, I recommend adding more volume into that area, for example you want to develop your further develop your glutes:

  1. Add an extra 1-2 exercises for targeting your glutes with lower body training
  2. Add an extra 30 minute session only targeting glutes
  3. Apply extra advanced training techniques, for example: Drop-sets, Super-sets or Slow eccentric contractions with each rep

Wrapping It All Up

Try and stay consistent with your resistance based training and if you are adding in some cardio, I would recommend cardio in the form of short HIIT sessions, just 1 or 2 sessions 15 minutes per week is sufficient.

Make sure you are training for strength & hypertrophy with your metabolic resistance training sessions, you can’t have one without the other for maximising body composition results and progress.

Identify your weaker areas and start to prioritise a little more volume into those areas each week, this doesn’t mean you need to be working the weak areas for 1-2 hour extra sessions, but definitely do add some volume into those particular areas.

I hope this helped guys, leave a comment below and share this with someone who you think can benefit from post! Talk to you all soon 🙂