3 Advanced Training Techniques For Faster Results


I see far too many gym goers turn up at the same time every week and perform the exact same reps, sets and exercises, with no variations. Implementing advanced training techniques for women especially is so important for maximising volume and leading to faster results.

I’m going to discuss 3 of my favourite exercises which I recommend to all my clients. Changing up your routine with these techniques each week will keep your body thinking and forcing positive body composition changes. Let’s dive into my first recommended advanced training technique.

Drop Sets

Drop sets are absolutely essential for pushing through plateau’s and continuing to force growth and progress. Essentially you will finish a set and then immediately lower your weight and continue for more reps until failure.  When implemented correctly into a training program, drop sets will increase blood flow into your muscles and further fatigue your muscles, forcing extra growth and results.

Normally when you complete a set in the gym you will be recruiting a certain number of muscle fibers, once you lower the weight down and continue for more reps, your muscles will essentially be further recruiting different muscle fibers, this will help develop the muscle much more than training with normal sets.

  • Start by completing your normal rep range
  • Once complete, drop your weight down and continue reps until failure


This is one of my favourite advanced training techniques which I’ve implemented personally and for my clients. When completing a strength phase (lower reps, longer rest breaks), find someone who can spot you to avoid any injuries. Now, when performing a rep have the spotter help you through the (concentric contraction) and then have them let you lower the weight (eccentric contraction) on your own providing more resistance and force. You may even have the spotter add extra resistance onto the weight through the eccentric contraction.

I would recommend performing these types of negatives in the beginning of your strength session when you have more energy to perform them! You can perform negatives at the end of your training session, however you may not have quite as much energy to perform more reps.

  • Find a spotter to assist you with the concentric contraction
  • Have them force resistance with the eccentric contraction
  • Complete negatives at the start of the session to utilise more energy


Super Sets

Super-setting can be a great way to utilise time in the gym, and allows you to target more areas in a shorter time. Essentially a super-set is when you complete two set’s for different muscle groups without a rest break. For example, a super-set could include bench press and lat pull-down, once the bench press set is complete you will go over and do your lat-pull down set without a rest in between exercises.

Although super-setting techniques don’t need to be implemented every training session, you can still incorporate them when you need to get through your session a little faster. Strength training is a great time to implement super-sets as you will have longer rest periods in-between sets which you can utilize for training other body parts in the same training session! Here are some super sets you can incorporate:

  • Dumbbell Bench Press – Close-Grip Front Pull-down
  • Incline Dumbbell Press – Seated Cable Rows
  • Bent-Arm Barbell Pullover – Bent Over Barbell Row
  • Cable Crossovers – Seated Cable Rows

Wrapping Everything Up

There are so many advanced training techniques which you can implement into your own training routine. These 3 techniques will give you that extra edge when you feel progress stalling or you hit a dreaded training plateau.

If you want a training plan which incorporates these advanced techniques and much more, definitely check out the 90 Day Fitness Model Challenge. Happy lifting and most of all, have fun!