How To Lose Weight Without Dieting


Let’s face it, the word “diet” never sounds good. The first things most people think when they hear the word diet, is sacrificing all the foods they love! Which is true right? For the most part, decreasing calories will hold some type of sacrifice. But learning how to lose weight without dieting, is easier than you think.

What if I told you that you don’t necessarily need to be sacrificing all those foods you love, and giving up your social life at the same time? Well, read on because i’m going to share with you my tips on dropping weight, without the pains associated with dieting!

Get In Tune With The Fundamentals 

Firstly, you need to really understand the fundamentals about how weight loss actually works. In terms of energy balance & thermodynamics, your body requires energy to function optimally. This energy needs to be balanced and utilized effectively, meaning if you’re producing a surplus of energy each day, you’re body has no choice but to store this energy, aka storing fat.

When you’re in a negative energy balance, you’re essentially giving your body the “all clear” to tap into fat as energy. This isnt always the case, depending on how steep of a caloric deficit you’re in. So, you have two options:

  • Option 1: Increase activity
  • Option 2: Decrease energy intake

For the most part, people who are on a diet will focus primarily on the “decrease energy intake” option 2. But keep reading as i’ll explain more about option 1 & it’s benefits.

Increasing Activity Levels (like a boss)

Learning how to lose weight through increasing activity levels is great, but you need to be really focusing on optimizing fat loss, not just burning calories.

For this reason I recommend two types of training to increase your activity levels:

  • Resistance (Strength & Hypertrophy)
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Utilizing resistance based training will increase your lean body mass, as well as your metabolic rate. This means the stronger & leaner you get, the higher your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) rises, & the more calories you get to eat.

The added benefit with resistance based training is you’re going to need a lot of carbs (glycogen stores) to fuel those intense workouts. And come on, who doesn’t like the idea of more carbs?

Forget the cardio & focus on HIIT. Just 2X 10-15 minute interval sessions each day can burn more calories in a 24 hour window than an hour long jog. It’s powerful & backed up with research. HIIT training will elevate your metabolism for hours after exercise.

You can learn more about a program which incorporates this type of training routine here.

Learn Your Body & How To Be Flexible

Understanding your caloric requirements & a suitable macro ratio will help you have flexibility, while enjoying more of the foods you love. You can learn how to setup your own nutrition plan here.

Understanding your body’s caloric requirements will allow you to be flexible, without the guilt. For example, your best friend is having a birthday party at a restaurant in the city, followed by a few drinks at the local bar (I know, terrible example). If you did some fasted morning HIIT & keep your calories low throughout the same day, you’re just granted yourself 1000+ guilt free calories to burn that night.

Although you always want to minimise alcohol & overall sugar intake. You still need a social life & you still need to be able to live, celebrate & enjoy fun moments with friends. After a few months, you will understand your body well enough to not need to be calculating everything in your head 24/7.

Final Wrap Up

So as you can see, you can still lead a flexible life without the dreaded “diet” & utilize the correct type of increased activity. Some take home points from this post:

  • Understand your body’s caloric requirements
  • Have a macro ratio which suits your body type
  • Increase your activity levels with HIIT & Resistance training
  • Be flexible with your calories, especially around events & occasions

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, leave me a comment & wishing you all a happy, flexible & sustainable lifestyle.