The Top 15 Benefits of Meditation And How To Get Started


The world is starting to realize the amazing benefits of meditation.

And, the benefits keep growing by the day…

The earliest practice of meditation dates all the way back 3,500-5,000BC, from ancient Indian wall art.

So, why is meditation becoming so popular now? More importantly, how do you get started?

Well, make sure you keep reading to the end.

Because you’re about to learn the latest research on meditation. And, exactly how to get started.

Let’s dive in!

1. Improves Your Digestion

There’s been a strong link with healthy digestion & meditation.

The Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine found meditation to be an effective treatment for both IBS & IBD patients.

The genes controlling the inflammatory response appeared to be impacted by treatments which included meditation.

The following JPP review article also had interesting findings linking stress with gut activity.

Meditation appeared to trigger the “rest and digest”, response.

This resulted in less inflammation and reducing digestive issues.

Therefore, if you have a senstive stomach, it’s time to start meditating.

Meditation improves digestion
Meditation improves digestion

2. Reduces Your Stress Levels

One of the most beneficial aspects of meditation is its ability to reduce stress levels.

According to the following JAMA Internal Medicine publication, 47 trials & 19,000 meditation studies were investigated.

The findings suggested meditation can have a positive impact on both psychological & physical stresses.

Regular meditation was also associated with reducing symptoms of stress-related medical conditions.

Enough to keep your stress under control & relaxed.

Meditation reduces stress
Meditation reduces stress

3. Controls Anxiety & Depression

Research suggests that antidepressants and psychotherapy aren’t the only effective treatments for depression & anxiety.

Regular meditation was shown to improve how the brain & mind respond to stressful situations.

Depression and anxiety are often the result of a stresfull situation.

Meditation shows promising signs with changing the way we react to these emotions and feelings.

The studies show that meditation can help control the way you react to stressful situations.

Therefore, regular meditation will prevent stress & anxiety, which can lead to depression.

Meditation controls anxiety & depression
Meditation controls anxiety & depression

4. Improves Your Sleep

According to a 2015 NCBI study, regular meditation was shown to remediate sleep disturbances.

The studies showed older adults had improved sleep-related daytime impairment.

A JAMA Internal Medicine publication also found positive results for reducing insomnia and fatigue.

Out of both study groups, the group which implemented “mindfulness meditation”, had improved results with insomnia.

Meditation improves sleep
Meditation improves sleep

5. Slows Down Aging

A recent study was able to link positive benefits from meditation and age-related cognitive decline.

Not only did the studies show meditation resulted in a decline in cognitive aging. The study also found an increase in cognitive ability with older adults.

The practice of meditation was also very easy to teach people of all ages. Older adults can start having a better quality of life with meditation.

Meditation slows down aging
Meditation slows down ageing

6. Relieves Pain

Studies have shown an interesting link between pain reduction and meditation.

Research found a decrease in cortisol and epinephrine levels. As well as an increase in serotonin and gamma-aminobutyric acid levels.

The findings also linked meditation to relaxation.

Practicing regular mindfulness meditation was shown to change thought patterns. Resulting in decreasing pain.

In addition, it’s a great alternative to addictive opiate drugs. Without the unwanted side effects.

Meditation can relieve pain
Meditation can relieve pain

8. Helps With Weight Loss

The Wiley Online Library found that a training plan with mindfulness and meditation, had long-term benefits with weight loss.

Regular meditation was shown to make you more aware of your thoughts. Resulting in better decisions and choices around eating.

These benfits also applied for binge eating and emotional eating.

In summary, a stronger dieting mindset has shown to have positive results with long-term weight loss.

Meditation helps with weight loss
Meditation helps with weight loss

9. Promotes Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has gained attention recently with the impacts on mental & physical health.

The following NCBI study found that TM (transcendental meditation), increased brain activity related to emotional self-awareness & stability.

The results of the study showed a decrease in stress. With improved emotional intelligence.

The findings from this study have also shown that meditation can have positive impacts on personal use. And, for employees in the workplace.

Promoting emotional intelligence in the workplace
Promoting emotional intelligence in the workplace

10. Develops Your Self-Awareness

Medidation has been shown to naturally develop your self-awareness over time.

So, what actually is self-awareness?

In the context of mindfulness meditation, self-awareness is simply being aware of the present moment.

Not letting thoughts about the past or future effect you. Just being in the present moment.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle is a great book for both learning & practicing self-awareness

Self-awareness in being present
Self-awareness in being present

11. Improves Recovery from Addictions

An interesting 2018 published article found that meditation helped improve overcoming the stress of addictions.

This was helpful for different kinds of addictions by allowing individuals to notice their thoughts or cravings.

Meditation allows distancing yourself from your thoughts. Which results in better decisions making.

The study showed meditation interventions could be used for substance misuse. Especially with cocaine, heroin, smoking, and alcohol.

Helps recovery from addictions
Meditation can help recovery from addictions

12. Helps Children & Teens Feel Focused & Calmer

A 2016 published article found that mindful meditation activities helped children & teens with concentration & self-esteem.

Introducing mindfulness meditation into an education setting improved children’s cognitive and emotional abilities.

The study suggests mindful meditation practice could be a powerful tool with improving students academic development.

Therefore, the benefits of meditation are important for not only adults, but teens and children also.

Meditation benefits children & teens
Meditation benefits children & teens

13. Prevents Heart Disease

Meditation appears to have a positive impact on heart health.

The following PubMed article has shown a positive association between hypertension and transcendental meditation (TM).

The current studies suggest meditation is effective among older adults, who have high blood pressure.

Blood pressure was shown to decrease during meditation. But, the positive effects continued longer for regular meditating.

The results show reducing strain on the heart, arteries, and heart disease prevention.

promote a healthy heart
Meditation can promote a healthy heart

14. Improves Immunity

A recent NCBI study has shown findings that suggest meditation can have an effect on the immune system.

Meditation was associated with select biomarkers of the participant’s immune system activity.

Although more research is needed in this particular area. The current data is very promising.

Improved immunity
Meditation has been linked with improved immunity

15. Helps With Pregnancy

The healthy mother’s healthy families group at MCRI undertook an interesting study with antenatal care services.

Out of a 6 session mindfulness meditation group, most women had shown a positive impact.

One participant reported that the meditations were extremely helpful and relevant. Therefore, wanting to continue mediating post-pregnancy.

Above all, the study shows that meditation can reduce anxiety in pregnancy, as well as improve infant cognitive development.

Meditation is shown to help women through pregnancy
Meditation is shown to help women through pregnancy

How To Get Started

Now that you know all of these amazing benefits with meditation, you’re probably wondering how to get started?

There are also many guided meditations you can choose from on Amazon & YouTube. Guided Mindfulness Meditation by Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D. is a personal favorite.

Below will explain the meditation techniques involved with your breath & self-awareness.

Start by finding a quiet place in your home or outside. Somewhere without many distractions and noises.

If you’re new to meditation, start with 10-15 minutes each morning.

  1. Start by taking 3 deep breaths in. Hold for 3 seconds. And breathe slowly out for 3 seconds.
  2. As you take your deep breaths in and out. Notice the sensations in your body.
  3. If any thoughts arise from the past or future. Just simply acknowledge them & let them go.
  4. Now, bring your focus to your breath. Feel the calming sensation of no thoughts.
  5. Notice the rhythm of your breathing. Is one breath shorter or longer than the other? Pay attention only to your breathing now.
  6. Feel the peacefulness of simply being in the present moment. No thoughts. No judgments. Just inner-peace.

Final Wrap Up

As you can see, meditation is something that improves your life in so many ways.

And, it’s a simple practice which requires no technical skills or experience.

The great thing about meditation, is you can start being mindful & meditate anytime and anywhere.

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Don’t forget to leave a comment & let us know how meditation has improved your life below!


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