How To Lose Face Fat: A Guide For Women

how to lose face fat

Let’s be honest, trying to lose weight can be a challenge. But, can women target & learn how to lose face fat with success?

I like to explain body fat to my clients as one large organ throughout the body.

When you create a diet plan with a caloric deficit, you tell your body to start shrinking this body fat organ.

And, when body fat starts to shrink, it doesn’t always show a decrease in the same areas.

For this reason, it’s important to remember that your overall body fat reduction is most important.

When your overall body fat levels decrease, so will your facial fat.

There is good news for women. You don’t need liposuction or any type of fat removal surgery to lose face fat.

Keep reading below, because I want to share with you my top evidence-based techniques.

Let’s dive in!

1. Create A Caloric Deficit

Firstly, you will want to create a diet plan with a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit means you will be eating under your body’s maintenance levels.

This is the most important step when it comes to decreasing your face and overall body fat levels.

You can visit this link to learn how to calculate your calories.

As you start to decrease body fat throughout your entire body, you will notice the results with your face also.

Aim for around 300-500g of weight loss per week. This will ensure you are only losing body fat & not muscle.

calorie deficit for face fat
Calorie Deficit

2. Train For Body Recomposition

Body Recomposition is the most effective type of training for women wanting to lose weight & tone up.

A recomp training plan includes resistance based training, which gives the best results for overall body transformations.

Studies have shown that when women become stronger with resistance training, they trigger fat oxidation throughout the whole body.

Combining body recomposition with a caloric deficit, your face fat will be on the decline in no time.

Body recomposition for losing face fat
Body Recomp

3. Monitor Your Sodium Intake

Studies suggest that a higher intake of sodium can cause fluid retention, causing a bloated or puffy face.

Bodybuilders and fitness models will often manipulate their sodium intake, to have a more skin-tight look.

Keep an eye on the amount of hidden sodium found in any processed foods you’re eating.

It’s always best to eat a clean diet, full of whole foods. And, your body will look and feel a lot tighter.

Sodium levels
Sodium Intake

4. Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein in general has a high TEF (Thermic Effect of Food). This means your body uses more calories to digest protein over carbs & fats.

This is great news if you want to decrease your face fat & overall body fat.

An FDA approved high-quality WPI (whey protein isolate) is recommended if you are completing regular resistance training.

Start with a single scoop 20-30g before and after training. If you struggle to eat enough protein, have an extra 20-30g with breakfast.

Our recommended WPI can be found on Amazon here.

Lose face fat with protein
WPI Protein

5. Monitor Water Intake

You’ve probably heard about the amazing benefits of drinking water.

But, did you know drinking more water helps you decrease subcutaneous water retention?

Subcutaneous water in the body can easily be mistaken for body fat.

Physique athletes will often increase water intake before a competition. This allows them to look leaner & stronger.

By decreasing your water retention, your skin tone and face will look a lot tighter and less bloated.

For women, aim for around 1.5-2L of water per day.

And, if you don’t want to be going to the toilet all night, get your water intake in early!

Water intake
Water Intake

6. Start Utilizing Green Tea Extract

Green Tea is an amazing tool to help you decrease face and full body fat faster.

Multiple studies have suggested when combined with exercise, green tea has amazing benefits for fat loss.

The caffeine found in green tea extract will help stimulate thermogenesis. Leading to increased energy needed for burning more calories.

Not only will green tea help with burning fat, it’s a great appetite suppressant.

Remember to always stick with FDA approved supplements. Our recommendation can be found on Amazon here.

green tea extract
Green Tea Extract

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, it’s important to remember that learning how to lose face fat starts with learning how to lose overall body fat.

Make sure you don’t forget to check out our 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge.

We incorporate guided meditations, subconscious reprogramming, calorie meal plans & advanced training for long-term results.

Still not sure? Check out all our clients success stories here!

That’s our top techniques on how to lose face fat. Leave a comment below, let us know your favorite technique!


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