The Top Spiritual Health And Healing Benefits

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With so much talk these days about the benefits of exercise & nutrition, the importance of spiritual health and healing are often overlooked.

An effective training plan and diet plan are fundamentally important for the physical body.

But, how can we integrate spiritual health practices to promote healing and improve our overall mental health?

When we connect to our true self, the energy body or biofield can flow naturally & remove any blockages in the chakras.

This starts by associating ourselves with the awareness of our experience, instead of the ego-mind.

Which allows us to have more control over our emotions & feelings.

The ego-mind is a group of finite objects (thoughts, sensations, feelings & perceptions).

When we believe our true self is the ego-mind, we suffer the limitations, attachments, and suffering of the ego-mind.

There are a number of ways to start implementing spiritual health and healing practices into your life, including:

  • Integrating daily meditation
  • Starting regular mindfulness
  • Start using meditation prayer
  • Try a plant medicine ceremony
  • Use psychedelics therapy sessions
  • Energy healing sessions
  • Deep breathing techniques
  • Biofield tuning

The benefits of meditation are great for spiritual health and healing. The process of quietening the ego-mind shows you that thoughts are temporary objects.

Meditation also shows that you are the observer of your thoughts arising in the ego-mind. And, that the observer is pure awareness.

When this state is reached through meditation or other spiritual health practices, you find true inner peace.

Let’s dive into some of the benefits of spiritual health and healing for achieving a sustainable mind, body, and spiritual transformation.

1. Improving Your Mental Health

One of the most significant advantages of applying spiritual health and healing practices are the benefits of mental health.

The following NCBI publication found that spiritual practice can help participants with the stresses of life & coping with illness.

Harvard researchers also found that meditation & mindfulness spiritual practices had benefits for both physical and mental conditions.

The current studies and research show a clear benefit for integrating spiritual health practices with exercise and nutritional programs.

Improves mental health
Improves mental health

2. Decreasing Of Physical Disease Symptoms

The benefits of spiritual health and healing aren’t just on a mental or non-physical level.

And, will also help to ease physical disease symptoms which have been caused by blocked energy.

The following research study found that spirituality has a positive influence on physical activity, leading to an improved way of life.

Spiritual practices allow the natural flow of the body’s energy system, which promotes healing on the physical level.

Pain and suffering are also managed more effectively when not associating the self with the ego-mind.

Therefore, having less attachment from the ego-mind allows symptoms to decrease throughout the body.

Spiritual health and healing appear to have a significant impact on optimizing physical health & optimizing recovery.

Spiritual Health And Healing Benefits
Physical disease symptoms

3. Improving Relationships

Having a higher level of spiritual health promotes spiritual healing. This can strengthen & improve relationships with the people you love.

These days most of us are dictated by the ego-mind when it comes to relationships.

Spiritual practice reminds you that the ego-mind is just an illusion, full of finite objects.

And, because the true self is infinite unconditional love, you will naturally form stronger relationships.

Spiritual practices reminds us that we are all connected, and we are all one.

So, the next time you find yourself in an argument with a loved one, ask yourself who’s really arguing.

Improved relationships, spiritual health and healing
Improved relationships

4. Control Of The Ego-Mind

One of the most profound benefits of spiritual health and healing practices is the ability to control the ego-mind.

When you learn to control the ego-mind, you learn to live without addictions and attachment to material objects.

The ego-mind loves to attach itself to finite objects. But, the true self or awareness already knows it has everything through its own infinite nature.

Through regular spiritual practice, it will also be easier to control unwanted intrusive thoughts.

Having control over the ego-mind is an important step towards achieving a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Ego-mind control
Ego-mind control

5. Letting Go Of Past Trauma

Past trauma is energy that has been trapped in certain parts of the biofield, which can also show up as energy blocks affecting all of the chakras.

Often throughout our lives, we choose to ignore trauma & we think this will make the problem disappear. Therefore, not needing to directly face the issues.

Avoiding past trauma is a way for the ego-mind to stay in a safe familiar place.

However, the only problem is that this trauma is still stored in the energy body (biofield), and can eventually turn into a physical disease.

Having a spiritual awakening or practicing spiritual health techniques allows the healing & release of this trapped energy.

When the energy body is in sync with the physical body, it becomes easier to release any stored negative energy.

Letting go past trauma for spiritual health and healing
Letting go

What Is The Best Way To Start Practising Spiritual Health & Healing?

The simplest way to start practicing spiritual health techniques for healing is by starting a daily meditation routine.

Deep breathing during meditation can also help with moving energy through the chakras & clearing any blockages.

When the ego-mind is silenced during meditation, this allows the true nature of awareness to flow naturally, healing the energy body.

Having a healthy diet full of nutrition whole-foods will also benefit spiritual health. As well as an effective training plan to promote strength and weight loss.

Biofield tuning or visiting a reputable energy healer will also help with spiritual healing and clearing any blockages of the chakras.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, these are just some of the top spiritual health and healing benefits you can start implementing today.

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