How To Transform The Mind And Body (Ultimate Guide)


It’s a common question we receive quite a lot, “how can I transform my mind and body?”.

Well, in order to transform the mind and body, we first need to understand the spiritual aspects of the mind & body.

What does spirituality have to do with the mind and body?

The answers might surprise you…

It’s important to understand that the mind or the ego-mind, is not the real you.

The ego-mind is a group of feelings, sensations, thoughts, and perceptions, which appear and disappear at different moments.

From the time you were born, the ego-mind has been developing based on your life experiences.

But, the real you is the ever-present awareness. Often described as the observer of the ego-mind.

Mainstream science has been trying to find where awareness or consciousness resides in physical matter, aka the brain.

However, this still remains one of the biggest mysteries in neuroscience and philosophy. Otherwise known as the hard problem of consciousness.

Reality cannot be perceived without awareness or consciousness.

It’s important to understand that the world cannot occur independently of awareness.

We are a fundamental part of reality, our awareness and ego-mind are required to experience a world.

In the same way, the color blue does not appear independently in a world out there. Colors are perceived through our awareness.

Understanding the nature of awareness can be learned from various non-dual philosophies, which can have many benefits in your life.

Non-duality teachings are considered to be the highest level of spiritual intelligence.

Therefore, it can be found in many ancient philosophies and religions around the world.

And as a result of having this fundamental spiritual understanding, you can transform the mind and body a lot easier.

Here are the key steps to start a sustainable mind and body transformation!

1. Understanding Your Energy Body (Biofield)

We aren’t just physical body’s perceiving and experiencing the world around us. We also consist of an energy body, otherwise known as the biofield.

The biofield was discovered at the National Institute of Health back in 1992.

Scientists described the biofield as a complex field of energy that surrounds the human body & holds various types of information.

The biofield has measurable electromagnetic energy as well as chi energy.

And, it’s often reffered to as:

  • Aura
  • Soul
  • Energy body
  • Human energy field

The healing of the energy body and the biofield has been practiced by ancient cultures throughout history.

Interestingly, western culture and science hasn’t put much of a focus on the study.

However, the following NCBI publication shows that the emerging field in energy medicine is gaining traction in the western world.

All of your emotional experiences are stored as information in different fields of the biofield.

Therefore, biofield tuning, energy healing, and psychedelics can help by releasing any negative emotional energy stored in the energy body.

transform the mind and body - human biofield
The human biofield

2. Start A Daily Meditation Routine

The benefits of meditation are both extremely important for physical and mental health.

So, it’s no surprise that daily meditation is important to transform the mind and body.

If you’re not sure which type of meditation is best for you, or how to get started, check out the following article.

A regular daily meditation which includes binaural beats can help you transform the body & even help you lose weight faster.

When the ego-mind is quietened through meditation, the naturally flowing energy of the biofield can flow freely.

If emotional trauma in the energy body is trapped for too long, it can result in physical disease in the body.

And, the chakras which hold different forms of information in the energy body can also become blocked. This is where daily meditation can be most effective.

Here is an easy to follow guide on how to get started with mindfulness meditation:

  1. Start by finding a peaceful & quiet place.
  2. You can sit or lay down on your back in a comfortable position
  3. Take 8 deep breaths in, slowly breathing out
  4. Now start to just be self-aware of the current moment
  5. Become aware of any thoughts which appear. Notice that they appear without your awareness being involved
  6. Without judgment, let thoughts come & simply bring your attention back to the present moment
  7. Continue for 15 minutes
  8. Once completed, reflect on the nature of your thoughts. Realize that your thoughts are temporary, but your awareness or the observer, is ever-present.

In summary, try to practice a meditation with binaural beats, once per day for around 15 minutes.

transform the mind and body with meditation
Daily meditation

3. Setup An Effective Training & Diet Plan

As described above, the metaphysical aspects of a full mind and body transformation are important. However, the physical aspects shouldn’t be neglected.

Setting up an effective training plan will force positive growth in the physical body.

Combining a nutritious diet plan suited towards your body type will optimize performance and recovery.

Having a training plan designed around body recomposition will allow you to gain strength, tone the body, while burning body fat at the same time.

Your diet plan should be optimized for natural whole foods instead of processed/packaged foods.

Eating too many unnatural processed foods can cause issues on a physical level, but also creates emotional blockages with your energy body.

In summary, ensure you are training for body recomposition and eating a diet rich in nutritious whole foods.

Training & diet to transform the mind and body
Training & diet

4. Reprogram Limiting Beliefs

We all carry around past trauma which has effected us on either a physical or metaphysical level.

The subconscious mind is what stores beliefs about how we perceive the world.

During childhood, without us knowing, our subconscious mind was like a tape recorder.

Creating & storing beliefs through different positive or negative experiences.

As adults, when we want to transform the mind and body to change our lives, we often get upset and frustrated because the changes never last long.

When we reprogram our subconscious mind, it forces the ego-mind to start acting differently towards our goals, relationships, health, finance, and well-being.

We stop constantly sabotaging ourselves and depriving ourselves of the life we really want to live.

The power to remove limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind is something we are all capable of accomplishing.

So when it comes to transforming the mind and body, we need to use certain tools to remove limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind.

The following methods can be used to re-program the subconscious mind:

  • Start using subliminal messaging with binaural beats during sleep and meditation. (You can get our free 8 hour MP3 here)
  • Use visualization for 10-15 minutes during a meditation session. Think about all your success with your life goals.
  • Focus on being grateful for everything you have right now. Embrace the challenges in your life as learning opportunities.

In summary, we all have limiting beliefs created from childhood.

But, we also have the ability to reprogram these beliefs and fully transform the mind and body.

Reprogram limiting beliefs
Reprogram limiting beliefs

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I hope this article has helped you understand the most fundamental areas involved to transform the mind and body.

Remember these key steps along your journey:

  • Connect spiritually & remember who the real self is
  • Understand your energy body (biofield)
  • Start meditating regularly
  • Setup and effective training and diet plan
  • Reprogram any limiting beliefs

Make sure you don’t forget to check out our 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge.

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Leave a comment below, let us know how your mind and body transformation is going!


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