What Is The Difference Between Spirit And Mind?

The difference between mind and body?

With so many belief systems, religions, and ancient philosophies in the world, what exactly is the difference between spirit and mind?

Let’s first start with the term Spirit.

The term Spirit can be thought of as being concerned for the human spiritual aspects, rather than material or physical aspects.

Spirit or spirituality terminology dates all the way back to the 5th century, however not commonly used until the end of the Middle Ages.

The biblical view of spirit is the idea of being “animated by god”. The new Testament is more linked to the holy spirit.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, the term Spirit was a mixture of Christian ideas with elements of Asian & Indian religions.

However, through modern times it has become more disconnected from traditional faith-based religions.

Traditional faith-based dogma & religions have shown a decline in popularity with younger generations.

New age metaphysical movements that started developing throughout the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s promote spirit as a form of consciousness or awareness.

The new age movements are linked to an understanding that the universe is one and everything is interconnected.

New age movements are also focused more on world peace & that everything is connected without separation.

These movements have grown in popularity with quantum physics and neuroscience, linking scientific findings with spirituality.

mind and spirit connection
Mind and Spirit

How Is The Spirit And Mind Connected?

In non-dual philosophies, the mind can be considered a finite localization of infinite consciousness.

Meaning the term Spirit is defined as infinite consciousness and the term Mind being a localization of consciousness.

Consciousness needs to forget it’s infinite nature and assume the perspective of a finite mind to experience a finite physical world.

This is based on the understanding that awareness or consciousness is fundamental to reality, and is the observer of our experience.

For consciousness to know a physical finite world, consciousness must forget it’s true infinite nature & assume the limitations of a finite mind.

The infinite can only experience the infinite, and the finite can only experience the finite.

A finite mind can also be referred to as the ego-mind. The limitations & finite objects of the ego-mind include:

  • Thoughts
  • Perceptions
  • Feelings
  • Sensations

These objects associated with the ego-mind are considered the false self.

Just like in a dream, we assume the first-person point of view of someone experiencing a world.

In a dream the world isn’t separate from the character in the dream, they are both the same thing.

Therefore, the world we live in can be thought of as a shared dream within infinite consciousness.

And, the finite mind being the various characters inside the dream.

Rather than relying on faith, non-dual philosophies and new age movements are based on your own direct experience.

The connection

How Can You Experience The Spirit And Mind Connection?

Experiencing your spirit, otherwise known as infinite consciousness or awareness can also be referred to as enlightenment.

Enlightenment isn’t some kind of mystical or a glamorous event that can only be experienced by completing thousands of hours of meditation.

The realization of your true nature as consciousness is a very obvious experience.

By simply becoming aware that you are the observer of your mind can be considered an enlightening experience.

Similar to something that has been staring you in the face your entire life. But, you didn’t realize because you thought you were your ego-mind.

The following methods can be used to experience awareness or consciousness directly & dissociate yourself from the ego-mind:

  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Self-Inquiry
  • Psychedelics
  • Plant medicine ceremonies
  • Bufo-toad 5-meo ceremonies
  • Meditative prayer

The benefits of meditation are not just useful for physical and mental health.

By quietening the mind with meditation you can easily experience pure consciousness in its most natural state of peace.

And, the more you learn how to quiet the mind, the easier you will notice the difference between spirit and mind.

experiencing peace through consciousness
Experiencing peace

Does The Mind Survive After Death?

From the moment you were born, the mind has been developing your ego-mind, based on your experiences and perceptions.

Think of the mind as a whirlpool starting in an infinitly large ocean.

This whirlpool comes into existence as a finite object, and eventually, the whirlpool will dissolve back into its true self, the ocean.

But, the whirlpool was never separate from the ocean. It always thought it was separate from the ocean, until the finite experience ended.

When we die, the essence of our finite mind simply dissolves back into infinite consciousness.

However, your consciousness or the observer never truly dies.

But remember, your thoughts, sensations, feelings, and perceptions were always finite from the beginning.

A thought comes and goes, a sensation starts and stops, a perception starts and stops. But, our experience and knowing of our experience is always present.

For this reason, the real you never dies. Death is just an illusion of the finite mind.

Infinite consciousness is eternal in its nature, so it uses a finite mind as a tool to experience a finite world.

But the finite world was always itself, it just chose to forget itself for all of these unique experiences in the world.

What happens to the mind during an NDE (Near Death Experience)?

During an NDE, the finite mind is still creating your perceptions. This can result in seeing religious figures or experiences based on your beliefs.

People who experience NDE’s often report seeing loved ones, Jesus, angels, Muhammad, or even Buddha. It’s a subjective experience based on the finite mind’s previous experiences & beliefs.

Eventually, they will merge into infinite consciousness and everlasting infinite peace & love. Your true nature.

Mind after death
Mind after death

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the difference between spirit and mind isn’t an easy topic for the ego to understand or conceptualize.

It takes time to disassociate yourself with the ego-mind while realizing the true spirit, which is consciousness.

The great thing is, you can find these answers directly through your own experience.

You don’t need faith, or anyone giving you these answers. You have the ability to experience your true nature directly.

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