Flow State For Weight Loss (Step By Step)

flow state for weight loss control

Using the flow state for weight loss can drive results for your body goals even faster, while improving your mindset, and boosting performance.

So, what exactly is the flow state anyway?

You may or may not have experienced the flow state before, where your mind and body become effortlessly one.

Athletes often describe this feeling as being in the “zone”. The flow state can be entered for anyone, even with simple daily tasks.

Flow state was originally named by Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi back in 1975.

Not many people realize, but the concept of flow state has been around for thousands of years.

Buddhism & Daoism have linked the flow state of mind with meditation and mindfulness.

The main components of experiencing a flow state are:

  • Awareness and movement becomes one
  • The present moment becomes the focus point
  • Sensing of control over any situation and activities
  • Time is subjectively slowed down
  • A rewarding feelings towards your goals
  • Feeling of the ability to succeed
  • At one with your present experience

When all of these components come together, you can consider yourself in a flow state.

flow state model
Csikszentmihalyi’s flow model

The flow state is best achieved when performing one set goal or movements at a time.

This is due to the mind only being able to receive a limited amount of information at one time.

When the flow state is entered, you are completely engrossed in the one task or goal.

How Can The Flow State Help With Weight Loss?

The flow state can be considered most effective for weight loss when used with training and exercise.

It can be hard to get in the mood to start exercising, and even harder to find the motivation to power through a workout.

Athletes describe their best training sessions which drive results as the times they’re in the zone, or enter the flow state.

A recent study was conducted with 4478 participants to investigate the flow state with exercise.

Although the findings were difficult with measurements, promising results for performance were highlighted for further review.

When combining peak performance & peak experience, the results are a laser-focused goal-orientated motivated workout.

If you’re aiming to complete a certain number of sets or reps, being in a flow state will help you reach those targets.

The most important aspect of getting in the flow during training is to be in the present moment. Don’t let any part of future thoughts get in the way of your laser focus.

And, once you reach the flow state, all of those distracting thoughts from outside the workout will slowly fade away.

Becoming fully immersed in the training session will bring you naturally into the present moment.

When you start to train in this way, you will quickly see the benefits of the flow state for weight loss, as you start to burn calories easier with less effort.

Flow state for weight loss - peak performance
Peak performance

How Can You Get Into A Flow State?

The following conditions and methods are important for entering the flow state during your workouts, and even performing simple tasks at work or home.

Most people think that a flow state is designed only for athletes, training, and sports.

However, the flow state can be reached and utilized for different people regardless of your goals.

Let’s dive into the key areas required to reach an effective flow state:

1. Set Specific Goals

When trying to reach the flow state, it’s important to first understand your goal, and have an effective training plan.

Seeking specific, well-planned goals will ensure your awareness and focus are always on target.

And, make sure your goals are clear and attainable, meaning you’re giving yourself enough time to reach each milestone.

Therefore, if your goal is to lose 10lb of body fat, make sure you factor in around 500g of weight loss per week.

2. Start Daily Mindfulness Meditation

The benefits of meditation aren’t just great for your physical and psychological health.

Regular practice will build your awareness & help you reach a flow state much faster.

Entering a flow state can be considered very closely linked with mindfulness, helping improve your mood & a feeling of unconditional happiness.

Start by practicing around 10-15 minutes each morning with a guided meditation, and you can practice mindfulness any times you like.

Here are some basic instructions on how to get started with a mindfulness meditation:

  1. Take 3 deep breaths in. Hold for 3 seconds. And breathe slowly out for 3 seconds.
  2. As you take your deep breaths in and out. Notice the sensations in your body.
  3. If any thoughts arise from the past or future. Just simply acknowledge them & let them go.
  4. Now, bring your focus to your breath. Feel the calming sensation of no thoughts.
  5. Notice the rhythm of your breathing. Is one breath shorter or longer than the other? Pay attention only to your breathing now.
  6. Feel the peacefulness of simply being in the present moment. No thoughts. No judgments. Just inner-peace.

3. Challenge Your Skills

If you’re not being challenged during a training session or workout, a flow state will be harder to achieve.

Make sure you are always working towards a goal that challenges you, but also not too difficult.

Progressive overload will tell your body it needs to continue growing and changing to meet your body’s needs for optimal performance.

4. Enjoy Yourself & The Journey!

Often overlooked is the ability to simply enjoy yourself in the present moment.

If you have a goal you want to achieve, make sure you love and enjoy the journey.

Although the ego-mind may make the journey more difficult at times, if you’re doing something you love and enjoy, results will come quickly.

Appreciate the feeling of going after your goals, and being laser-focused on achieving them.

5. Practise And Consistency

Remember, achieving any worth-while goal always requires practice and consistency.

The more you work towards your goal, will allow you to reach the flow state even quicker.

Create a weekly plan with achievable milestones and push yourself to reach them each week.

flow state for weight loss
The flow state

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, reaching the flow state for weight loss can be very effective.

It takes time to reach your body transformation goals, but consistency and a flow state will drive peak performance & results.

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Don’t forget to leave a comment, let us know how you are going on your journey to reach the flow state.


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