The False Self And Depression

False Self And Depression Feature

Depression is among the leading mental health issues throughout the world. But, who is the person suffering from depression? And what is the link between the false self and depression?

In a spiritual context, the false self (also known as the ego), is the self that we identify our suffering.

The false self is made up of the following:

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Perceptions
  • Sensations

By associating ourselves with the false self, we are essentially becoming the limitations of the false self. Which ultimately results in our suffering.

Therefore, we identify with our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and sensations.

But, we don’t realize that these are just finite objects of an illusionary false self.

One of the major benefits of meditation allows the disassociation from the false self. And, realizing the true self, infinite awareness.

When we refer to ourselves as “I Am”, we are referring not to our ego, but to the knowing observer behind all experience.

The false self is made of finite objects, but the true self is our indivisible, eternal, and infinite awareness.

If you’re unsure of the terminology regarding awareness and the false self, you can learn more about non-dual teachings and the benefits here.

The false self
The false self

What Is The Difference Between The False Self And Awareness?

The only aspect of reality which fundamentally exists is awareness. Otherwise known as consciousness in various spiritual teachings.

We always experience the finite temporary nature of our thoughts, sensations, perceptions, and feelings.

However, we have never experienced the disappearance of awareness.

Even during deep sleep, we are still aware, just not aware of any objects, thoughts, or perceptions.

Both the waking and dream states involve awareness and perceptions. Deep sleep is the only state which involves no aspects of the false self.

This is the reason we look forward to deep sleep. Because it’s peaceful without the presence of the ego.

To become aware of being aware, ask yourself the question “Am I aware?”

Notice how your mind doesn’t interfere with you becoming aware of being aware.

When you ask yourself “Am I aware?”, for a brief moment you experience no aspects of the false self, but only the nature of your true self, awareness.

Awareness and the true self can also be experienced during the following activities:

In summary, by learning the difference between the false self and your true self, you will be on the road to transforming your mind and body.

Becoming aware

Is The False Self A Physical Separate Entity?

Nothing in consciousness, or in any experience is made up of physical matter. And, nothing in experience is separate.

We do experience the illusion of matter & separation, but they don’t exist independently of consciousness.

There’s a reason why physicists have failed to find matter, and psychologists have failed to locate the mind.

In addition, neuroscientists have never found where consciousness is generated.

Science will never be able to understand the fundamental nature of our reality until they start with a consciousness-only-model.

Starting a belief system of our reality based on materialism is like building a house on sand.

Every step after will be impacted by the initially assumed belief that matter comes before anything else.

It’s the very reason why suffering and depression is growing at an alarming rate.

If our cultural systems believe that our reality and the mind-body are made of dead matter, we will always be entangled with suffering.

But, if we start with our experience and consciousness, we begin to learn about our reality without any assumptions or beliefs. Just our own direct experience.

And, the knowing of our experience is the one thing we can all agree is true.

A belief system is not required with experience, only the exploration of our own conscious experience.

Just as physical matter is an illusion, so is the false self. The finite mind is just a modulation of infinite awareness.

However not a separate entity, the same as an object is not a separate object existing independently of consciousness.

The finite mind or false self is the activity of awareness, not a separate entity outside of awareness.

The false self

How To Overcome Depression By Controlling The False Self

It’s important to understand that the false self has limitations imposed freely by infinite awareness in order to experience a finite world.

Awareness must sacrifice & forget it’s infinite indivisible nature, in order to experience itself as the world.

Without the finite senses of experiences, awareness could not experience itself from a finite perspective as the world. This includes sensations, thoughts, and feelings.

The infinite can only understand the infinite, and the finite can only understand the finite.

The problem arises when we start to associate ourselves as a finite separate entity. Binding ourselves with a false limited self.

By changing the perspective from “I the mind-body”, to “I awareness”, we let go of all the limitations self-imposed by the false self.

We are freed by the suffering which comes from the thought “I am a physical, temporary mind-body”.

For this reason, non-dual teachings are fundamental for overcoming depression by controlling the false self.

The simple recognition of your true infinite and eternal being has the capability of rewiring your entire world view and beliefs.

And, the best part of this realization is that it doesn’t require a belief system as with religion and dogmas.

You can have this realization through your own direct experience.

The best place to start is by starting a regular meditation routine and practicing mindfulness.

With regular practice of meditation, the process of re-associating yourself with awareness, the true self, will become easier and easier.

Controlling the false self
Controlling the false self

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the process of disassociating yourself from the false self takes time and commitment.

But, changing your thoughts from being a separate finite entity to being infinite awareness experience itself as the world, can happen in a split second.

Start to question who is the “I” in your experience.

As you progress with self-inquiry you will slowly realize that the “I” is your unlimited and always fulfilled awareness.

To learn more about the nature of awareness, I highly recommend a book by Rupert Spira called The Nature of Consciousness, which can be found on Amazon here.

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