Are you tired of trying to lose weight while feeling demotivated with life?

Tired of trying diets and weight loss programs that never work long-term? 

Today I’m going to share a powerful secret with you… 

As a sports nutritionist and physique coach, suddenly I realized why some of my clients

had amazing results… And, why some had average results…

I knew I had found gold when I discovered these tools for my clients…

So I decided to create a challenge, for women around the world…

I wanted to give these tools & secrets to as many women as I could find…

And, that’s exactly why you are reading this right now…

Firstly, let me introduce myself...

My name is Josh Cavallo, I’m an evidence-based sports nutritionist and physique coach. I want to share with you an incredibly powerful secret, which most people don’t even know about…

Can you reprogram the mind & change limiting beliefs around weight loss? And, can you start burning fat easily, while feeling more motivated, confident and eating the foods you love?

mind and body challenge about

Does any of the following sound familiar?

You feel motivated at the start of a diet… and then start to struggle after a couple of weeks…

You start eating way less food… only to find the scale hasn’t moved…

Every time you look in the mirror, you don’t feel happy with the reflection…

You’re constantly doubting yourself and struggling with low self-esteem…

These powerful mind-body tools will
give you an "unfair" advantage
with burning fat, getting stronger...
& developing an unstoppable mindset...

  • Carefully designed Delta Wave frequencies which are proven through science to be a beneficial state for healing & strengthening your body
  • Theta Wave frequencies to reduce anxiety, depression and promote healing of the mind & body
  • Integration of daily mindfulness and guided meditations to enhance your self-awareness with your nutrition & training
  • Reach optimal brain wave levels for peak performance, while decreasing cortisol
  • Effectively facilitate the release of compounds like endorphins, dopamine, HgH, melatonin, serotonin while reducing stress levels
  • Reprogram your subconscious mind with subliminal messages integrated into binaural sleep frequencies each night
  • Control the ego-mind & negative thought patterns with regular binaural frequency meditations

In Just 28 Days

You Can Reprogram Your Mind, 

And Transform Your Body, 


We've had women from around
the world create a healthy
mind & body in just 28 days...

“I’ve been feeling better every day, the program is unique and what I needed!”

Danielle E

“Already lost most of my pregnancy weight and feeling way better, my husband too!”

Camille H

“Thanks Josh, post operatoin & I’ve gotten stronger and dropped body fat, love the meals!”

Amanda P

“Lost 10kg working with Josh on his program, way more energy!”

Jasmine C

“I was able to reach my goals a lot quicker with Josh, really impressed with the program”

Jenna S

What's Included During The Challenge?

28 Day Mind and Body Program Manual

28 Day Mind & Body Program Manual

The Mind & Body Program Manual will be your go-to guide & has everything you need to know to be successful on the challenge. Not only will the program manual explain in detail every aspect and phase of the program, but you will also be educated with the Power Mind Schedule & advanced techniques for future success and sustainability!

(Current Value = $35)


Daily Guided Meditations

When you join the 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge you will be provided with a mindbodyz professionally recorded guided meditation integrated with binaural frequencies. You will also be given the correct times to start your meditations each day on the challenge. Get ready for true inner peace experience!

(Current Value = $59)

Daily Subconscious Reprogramming

Daily Subconscious Reprogramming

When you join the 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge you will be provided with a mindbodyz professionally recorded guided meditation integrated with binaural frequencies. You will also be given the correct times to start your meditations each day on the challenge. Get ready for true inner peace experience!

(Current Value = $59)


Home & Gym Workouts

On the challenge you will have the option to either train from home or in the gym. Each workout is designed to build strength, tone your body and decrease body fat levels. Every exercise in the training plans will outline the correct technique and easy to understand instructions!

(Current Value = $45)

Calorie Meal Plans

Calorie Meal Plans

Not only will you have plenty of delicious meals to choose from, but you will also be learning about energy balance & macronutrients! With a background in sports nutrition I provide all my clients with a science-backed approach towards body composition changes. Eat according to your body’s energy expenditure and macronutrient requirements!

(Current Value = $45)

Power MindSet Mastery

Power MindSet Mastery

The Power Mindset Mastery Guide is an excellent resource while taking on the challenge & for the rest of your life! Learn about true self-discovery and who you are, while also embracing & taking advantage of the metaphysical aspects of our reality!

(Current Value = $39)

Mindset Strategy

Mindset Strategy

The Mindset Strategy Progress Guide will give you all the tools you need to create an unstoppable mindset & control the ego mind. This guide will explain the Power Mind Schedule and how to implement all the key areas including guided meditations and binaural frequencies during the challenge. 

(Current Value = $39)

Macro Recipe Cooking Guide

Macro Recipe Cooking Guide

Need some ideas and cooking instructions? The Macro Recipe Cooking Guide has 30+ recipe ideas, designed to help you cook all the delicious meals from the calorie meal plans! Not only does this guide come with all the recipes from the calorie meal plan, but you also get loads of other recipe options and choices to fit your calories and macros!

(Current Value = $49)




For a strictly limited time, I want to give you 3 of our latest Theta & Delta wave binaural tracks



If You Have No Positive Results After The 28 Days Is Finished, Have Your Money Back!

The 28 Day Mind & Body Challenge has had such a high success rate, I will guarantee you will have positive changes on the challenge. After years of using the same proven principles in this program on hundreds of clients, I am confident you will receive incredible results!

If you give this challenge 100% commitment every day, you will have amazing results. My techniques, skills, and knowledge allow me to guarantee my clients results with confidence. Follow the entire plan for 28 days and if you have had no results at all, simply request a refund. 

Please ensure you read our terms & conditions here for our full refund policy. 


It's time for you to join the team & create the new you!

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Still have questions before getting started?

I personally support you 100% from start to finish! If you have any questions at any stage of the program you can contact me privately, remember we are a team!

Luckily I’ve already ensured a variety of different “macro swap items” meaning if you don’t like a particular food type, you can easily swap it out with something you prefer!

This program is designed for anyone at a beginner’s level without a gym membership all the way through to advanced level training. You will be provided with instructions and technique for each exercise.

You can start the program as soon as you are ready, once you’ve taken advantage of the program’s discounted price you can choose the most suitable start date.

This program is not your typical weight loss program!, during the 28 days and beyond you will have a more positive self image, feel stronger and have better control over your mind!

After purchase you will have immediate access to all program material, all material is provided in MP3 audio files, eBooks & PDF Guides. 

All program material will be accessible from your account on and delivered in digital format, the files will be accessible for download straight after purchasing. The reason I don’t deliver the program in hard copy is I’ve found the majority of my clients prefer accessing them digitally via laptop, tablet or mobile devices. This way I’m also able to deliver the program at a much cheaper cost, allowing more people around the world to have access without any financial strain. 





There may be risks associated with participating in activities mentioned with MindBodyz programs for people in poor health or with pre-existing physical or mental health conditions. If these risks exist, you will not and should not participate in any Mindbodyz programs unless granted clearance by your health professional. 

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